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Voter Guides

The Abigail Adams Project is a national initiative to create non-partisan Voter Guides to assure that voters have the information they need to make informed candidate choices. Voter Guides will provide candidate information, such as who they are and where they stand on the issues, from the President of the United States all the way down to the school board in every city, county, and state in the nation. To download the best practices presentation for Voter Guides, click on the above right icon. 

These Voter Guides can be disseminated before elections by volunteers who go door-to-door using the
Neighborhood / Precinct Organizing methodology or, inexpensively, as newspaper inserts. They can also be distributed on Election Day at polling locations.

This non-partisan Voter Guide concept has been successfully tested in four general elections in Ohio and has been phenomenal in what a difference it made. One of the most compelling effectiveness examples shared by The Abigail Adams Project  pertains to the Voter Guide’s effectiveness in the African-American community. In fact, The Abigail Adams Project’s Voter Guide concept was very much influenced by this anecdotal example in which African-American voters were not at all interested in party specific, partisan voter guides, especially those from the GOP, but were very much interested in non-partisan Voter Guides. In just one such interaction, two African-American women took the Voter Guides, studied it, and concluded that they could no longer vote for the incumbent political candidate, since his voting record violated many of their closely-held principles, values, and faith-based beliefs. Net, as Jefferson stated, informed voters can be trusted to vote for the right candidates.

The Congressional Ohio-18 race is yet another excellent example of the power of Voter Guides and Candidate Nights, since the incumbent candidate chose not to participate in either and consequently lost the election by over 19%. This was considered an upset and was not anticipated by the political establishment. In contrast, the Constitutional candidate, who participated in both the Candidate Nights and the Voter Guide, received over twice as many votes in Ohio-18 than any other independent candidate anywhere else in Ohio, despite having spent very little on his campaign and having no campaign manager. The Voter Guide, which for the incumbent politician stated "Refused to answer questionnaire", was distributed to 65,000 voters in the district three days prior to the election via a Sunday newspaper insert.

The Abigail Adams Project has partnered with national organizations such as “As A Mom”, “Family Security Matters”, and with state organizations such as 9/12 and Tea Parties.    

They would welcome volunteers to help with the creation of these Voter Guides.

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