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Faith-In-Action Video: Get-Out-The-Vote Initiative 

For a detailed perspective of the most effective and efficient Faith-In-Action: Get-Out-The-Vote Initiative, view the video below of Peter H. Wolf’s August, 2012 presentation to a gathering of liberty-organization leaders covering southwest Pennsylvania. You may even want to show this video to your whole group of like-minded, concerned people-of-faith.

We want to thank the Pennsylvania Tea Party for organizing this event and specifically, Ted Voron for coordinating the professional video-taping and production of the presentation. Your efforts are much appreciated!

Click here to download the slide-set used in the presentation above.

Pro-Life Webinars: Get-Out-The-Vote Initiative

We recently collaborated with Carl Brown to further our national reach with the Faith-In-Action Initiative. Carl led the successful Cincinnati, Ohio, Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rallies. Through his extensive involvement in the national pro-life movement he is well connected with national pro-life organizations. Our objective is to link with the numerous national pro-life organizations and have them share the created webinars with their respective, national memberships. For the Faith-In-Action: Get-Out-The-Vote Initiative we created three, one hour webinars, as noted below. Click on any one of them to view the webinar. 

  1. Canvassing A Precinct: What Can We Do & When Do I Start  
  2. Canvassing A Precinct:  What Do I Say to Engage Voters in My Neighborhood
  3. Canvassing A Precinct: How Do I Find Like-Minded, Likely Voters in My Neighborhood

To date, Carl has already gained alignment with the following national pro-life organizations, which plan to share this content with their membership: Americans United for Life, Priests for Life, Human Life International, American Life League, Heartbeat International, Concepts of Truth, Life Coalition International, NIFLA (National Institute of Family and Life Advocates), ProLife Action Ministries, and Good Counsel Homes. Additionally, Carl is in active discussions with many more national pro-life organizations, such as Catholic Vote and Live Action Films.

In addition to the above mentioned webinars, Carl collaborated with other subject-matter experts to create webinars for three other, complementary civic action planks. These are: assuring Voting Integrity, becoming a Poll Watcher on Election Day, and how to become a Precinct Executive in order to affect candidate selections within each of the political parties. These additional webinars can be accessed via the following website link: Who Is Your Precinct Captain. 

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