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Discussion Tips
  • Make a personal connection
    • Look for common concerns
    • Use information from the Voter Record and observations as you approach the door ( political signs, children’s toys, etc.) as aids to focus your message
    • Use your own personal story of why you chose to get involved


  • Listen to voter’s concerns
    • Good communication requires being a good listener


  • Reassure them that you are a neighbor and a volunteer
    • Volunteers and neighbors are most effective in engaging likely voters


  • Validate their opinion
    • It’s a two-way communication at the door, not a “sell”
    • If you argue and indicate that they are wrong, you’ve lost


  • Explain how Constitutional principles are relevant and important in regard to today’s issues
    • Use simple language
    • Be sincere, truthful, and genuine
    • Draw favorable distinctions between your position and the opposition to Constitutional principles


  • End with a call to action, such as please volunteer, join, vote, or read the brochure


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